About Me 

Hi, I'm Kellen.

I'm a web developer from Waterloo, Ontario. I love building computers, Hackintosh-ing, Raspberry Pi-ing, and building cool projects with code. I'm always eager to learn more and open to new opportunities.

Some things I love:

  • Sports, especially hockey and baseball.
  • The MCU.
  • Great TV such as Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, The Sopranos, The Office and Ted Lasso.
  • 🐈‍⬛ 🐶🐧
  • Spreadsheets.
Picture of Kellen


  • Solutions Engineer @ Strapi.io

    2022-Present | Remote
    • Reviewed project specifications and designed technology solutions that met or exceeded performance expectations.

    • Worked with software development and testing team members to design and develop robust solutions to meet client requirements for functionality, scalability and performance.

    • Monitored and collected all technical information and designed appropriate workflow for customers.

    • Maintained communication with internal stakeholders and provided mentorship to processes.

  • Founder/Developer @ Action Backers

    2018-Present | Waterloo, ON
    • Founded micro-startup that specializes in a niche market, providing end-users with software and education to be a more successful sports bettor

    • Updated old code bases to modern development standards, improving functionality.

    • Designed intuitive graphical user interfaces to improve user experience.

    • Planned and developed interfaces that simplified overall management and offered ease of use.

  • Launch Manager @ Smile.io

    2016-2019 | Kitchener, ON
    • Established clear objectives and set effective policies to achieve each target with minimal wasted effort.

    • Monitored and collected all technical information and designed appropriate workflow for customers.

    • Informed internal personnel and external stakeholders of project milestones.

    • Partnered with development team on product development and application support plans.

  • Technical Support Team Lead @ GBL.io

    2014-2016 | Kitchener, ON
    • Resolved diverse range of technical issues across multiple systems and applications for customers and end-users across various time zones.

    • Resolved escalated issues by serving as subject matter expert on wide-ranging issues.

    • Explained security measures in simple terminology to help users understand malware and phishing threats.

    • Documented support interactions for future reference.