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Kellen Bolger

Web Developer

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Waterloo, Ontario

(519) 498-8096

My name is Kellen, and I'm a web developer from Waterloo, Ontario. I love building computers, Hackintosh-ing, Raspberry Pi-ing, and building cool projects with code. I'm always eager to learn more and open to new opportunities.
What I Do

Frontend Development

I can build a beautiful and scalable SPA using HTML, CSS and React.js

Backend Development

handle database, server, api using Express, Strapi & other popular frameworks

API Development

I can develop robust REST API using django-rest-api & Node API

Competitive Coder

a daily problem solver in HackerRank and Leet Code

UI/UX Designer

stunning user interface designer using Figma and Framer

SaaS Development

I can build a full SaaS solution using Next.js, Stripe and more