Hi, I'm Kellen.

A web developer specializing in Next.js, React and more.


Web development

I specialize in building with Next.js which allows for production grade React apps at scale. Sleek, responsive and SEO-friendly websites/ apps that can be developed very quickly while using the latest and best in web development technology.

web development

Web design

You need a website that function's correctly. Responsive design is an absolute must and I always make sure that every site and web app I build is fully responsive.


A website isn't much good if nobody can find it on the internet. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is vital, and I always ensure to take best practices into account when building a site.

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Featured projects

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Waves music app

This music app was built using React and SaSS. It is responsive, features a slide-out library menu, and functions like any typical music app would. It can play/ pause, track through the song, skip forward and back. Next iterations would be including a shuffle/ loop option and possibly a volume control.

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NHL machine learning model

I built this NHL machine learning model using Python and some standard libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, SkLearn and more. It takes advanced game-by-game stats that I have scraped into a MySQL database going back to the 2009 season. From there, it performs some adjustments to the data, ensuring there is no look-ahead bias and then performs a logistic regression. The accuracy score is roughly 57% and it has been a very strong performer for me.

PythonSQLMachine Learning
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Web-ception! I built this site using all of the technologies I love working with most. I wanted to have a fast, responsive website with great functionality and the ability to easily add or change things without having to spend days doing so. The site is built with Next.js, an amazing Node / React framework and for the backend I am using Strapi, an amazing headless CMS, along with PostgreSQL and GraphQL.

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Dad joke generator

This is a quick app that I build for fun to generate random dad jokes. I wanted to work with Axios a bit and icanhazdadjoke.com has a simple API to work with. The app is simple- it will generate a "dad joke" on load and subsequently when pressing the "new joke" button, without re-rendering the page.

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